Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Poem: Engulfment

Ok, I haven't written poetry since college but sometimes the way I write speaks to me poetically. After rereading the post I did on Engulfment I wanted to take some of the pieces and put them to verse and this is what I came up with. Good or bad, I think it captures what it is.


In the ebb and flow we try to hold on. Desperate,
devoted, evasive and subversive: Counter-dependent.
Rocky nights a death grip, quick
clutches my heart; drowns it in a bath of ice.
Lungs constricting, only thinking, how to make right
which wrong was done. Self-worth rides
on one small smile to bring us back into balance. Except;
there is none there to begin with. Only him
leading me to madness, the insanity wraps
around my mind like a shroud: Obsession.
A thick fog occludes my world.
One figure focused
two feet in front of you. Nothing
more, nothing less; nothing else matters.

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