Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Welcome to my Asylum

Hi there. I’m Haven.

I’m a whole lot of things that probably shouldn’t fit together but manage to converge inside one mind regardless. Not just the bits on this page but a whole ball of tumbled craze, rage, and ecstasy. Accept me for who I am and join the game or … click that little X up in the right hand corner of your window. Primarily, I blog over at Beyond the Borderline Personality which is an attempt to record my life living with BPD; educate and inform about what the problem actually is. However, in doing this I realize I have a lot more to say; things going on, that have absolutely nothing to do with BPD. I’m much more than my disorder. I thought I’d open up a window to let you in to all the other aspects of life that color my world.

This will be an absolutely random hodgepodge collection of the things that come up in my life. The adventures I get up to. The projects I take one. The art I create. The recipes I devise. The things I want to remember. The events I host, attend, and crash. The issues I take up with. The ranting I suppress. The love I express. A glimpse into the madness I keep caged inside. Waging a war against a world as I perceive it in hopes that victory will break the chains I’ve wrapped around myself. The only thing holding me back is me. This is where I release.
All of it.
So come seek asylum with me or sit back and monitor the madness.
I’m happy to have your acquaintance.



  1. Seriously I cannot find words to tell you how happily excited I am that you're doing this. You are truly an amazing person and you do it all while having BPD which is just amazing to me. You have definitely become a role model for me and I am so proud and grateful to have met you. I am so excited to finally get to know you. All of you.

  2. Holy crap you're making me blush! That shouldn't be possible haha. Thank you though. I have to admit that I'm a little inspired by your dual blogs. I really like the idea of two mediums. One that's focused, and this one that will not be. It seems balanced to me. And the stars know I could use some balance.

    Thank you for being so supportive. It really means a lot to me.

  3. I've been reading your "Beyond the Borderline Personality..." almost every day whether from my phone or computer mostly phone. I have enjoyed reading this that I can relate to. You have answered quite a bit of things I question myself about every day of every second. I'm having trouble finding or seeing if you have anything more on, why we over analyze things to an extreme amount...I have a lot of paranoia went I try to date and anything in general, I have so much fear, of doing things right or wrong for someone Else's purpose, I hide the tears the best I can, but in hiding I pour out my whole self. How do you get past the fears? - Amy (is there a way to send you messages not so much post them?)