Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Light Saber Technology

So I wanted to make my first post something special but all I can think about is my light sabers. So Light Sabers it is!

I am a geek. Not just any geek. A Star Wars geek. In fact, I am a Dark Lady of the Sith. If ever you think to mistake me for Jedi I will get offended. Fair warning. A vague disclaimer is nobodies friend. 

I have a full Sith persona. I am a Sith Apprentice to be precise. Apprentice to my best Friend, whom also does all of this with me. I’m a Twi’lek species specializing in Sith Sorcery and Alchemy. I wield dual shoto blades. Red. Obviously. My fighting styles are primarily Ataru, Jar Kai, and Juyo. I should be elevated to the rank of Saber soon. What is Saber rank? It’s the equivalent of Jedi Knight. This rank will be mine as soon as I have finished creating my fully functional light sabers. Ok, ok, so light saber technology doesn’t exist. However, I am an engineer so I can pull out the switches, resistors, LEDs, wires and soldering irons and create a fully functional electronic light saber. Ta Da!

This was one of my projects this past weekend. I’m so excited! And they’re so bright! Unfortunately, there’s no off/on indicator on the light switch so when I had finished soldering the wires and inserted the batteries there was no warning to alert me to my impending blindness. I was quite literally seeing red! And it was glorious. Still is, actually.

You might ask why one is smaller than the other. The one on the left is Friend’s. He only uses one, standard style saber. It’s the kind you typically see in the movies. Two hands, one hilt, one very long saber blade. My style is different. I am using two shorter blades that accommodate a quicker fighting style and my smaller stature better. 

Next on my list is to construct the hilts. Twi’lek are a very natural species and my light saber hilts will essentially be simulating Yorik coral sabers of the One Sith. What this means for anyone looking at my hilts is; they will not be the standard looking pipe and technology looking saber hilts. They will be a more coral looking, organic form **see below**.  This is not mine, it’s just an example, but it’s along the lines of what I’m going for.

What does Yorik coral mean for my persona?  It’s essentially a material where symbiotic creatures were implanted or grown within it to perform the certain functions.  I plan to cultivate Midichlorians into the organic lattic which will function in symbiote with me. I will feed them with dark side energy and they, in turn, will enhance my dark side abilities. Having semi-sentient weaponry certainly has the potential for draw backs, though as this isn’t a parasitic relationship there is no reason for my sabers to turn on me. And it ensures that no one else will be able to use my weapons against me. Besides, I wouldn’t be Sith if I wasn’t willing to risk a little. Or a lot.

I’ll be using a copper pipe base for the electronic housing and sculpting epoxy for the outside aesthetic.  I will also be incorporating a Labradorite sphere as pommel and another crystal for enhanced saber abilities.

With any luck I’ll be able to get to this in the next couple weeks! Stoked.

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  1. I am soooooooooo glad you did this. You are a superbly awesome person with soooooooooo much to offer. Yay happy dance but umm where's the follow button?