Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hectic and Craze

My blogging, reading, and commenting this week is going to be very slow if I can manage it at all. I have a major design presentation on Monday and the amount of analysis I'm being bombarded with is intense. I'm trying not to drown under the stress and pressure. I'm seriously almost too stressed out to do the work I need to do. The thought of it is making me anxious.

I want Monday to be over. Seriously, if I get through this I'm taking half a day off work and getting a little tattoo behind my ear. Rocket. 50's clip art style. I've wanted it forever.

Not the actual tattoo but close


  1. Take a deep that will really help!! But one never knows. Good luck to you and you will deserve that tattoo and 1/2 day off!!! Take care.

    PEACE, Nico

  2. Don't worry bout us. We'll be here when you're free. Just concentrate on your work because I have no doubt that it will be awesome. pics of all new tats are required though. That is my new rule.

  3. Ditto, to Maas's commentuals. If it does not work out (but it will because you are awesome) use the force to squish your oppressors.

  4. Haha, I'll def post pics of any and all new tattoos =)

    Thanks guys. I'll try to be around when I can though. I get anxious when I'm away too long.