Thursday, July 7, 2011

Independence of Personal Demons and Angels

So I've stumbled across Studio 30+ and I'm gonna give it a go. In fact, any other writing prompt site you can throw at me I'd love to check out. This weeks prompt:


Independence is a struggle. Independence takes work. Freedom may be the outcome but Independence itself is not free.

I’ve struggled so much in my life trying to maintain a personal level of freedom and Independence.
As I just mentioned today in my other blog, the struggle for independence between myself and my parents was, challenging.
I was told to be independent. At the same time, my parents structured and scheduled my entire life away, effectively ensuring that I had no time with which to be independent. Beginning at the age of 7 I played softball, was in karate, was a gymnast, played piano, was in an accelerated learning school (yeah, yeah I was gifted), and at any given time was trying other sports/clubs like soccer, volleyball, more softball leagues (I was in 3 at one time), art club, science club, pep club, Drama… you name it, I was in it.
I was every parents dream! Until the little terror in me began creeping out into the night which was the only place I found real freedom.
I was both an angel and a demon. Excelling at school and sports during the day. Falling to alcohol and vandalism at night. Eventually the pressure became too much and the need to be free began to take over completely. I would focus less on the creative, and embrace the destruction I found myself consumed by.
Lacking a healthy outlet for my own independence I railed against the externally imposed structure, rebelling, destructive, deteriorating… but free. This kind of freedom came at a cost. I’d escape the hands of my parents clawing to keep me held into their safe, idealized little world only to be bound by my own mental traps and chains. Freedom from one only to be caged by another.
In never knowing a proper balance, I couldn’t recognize what it looked like in order to establish it.
Even now as I have entered into my 30s I struggle with finding this balance. I struggle with needing others and needing to be free from the restraints that others might see fit to impose upon me. At once rebelling against authority, and embracing the need for the guidance it provides.  

By my own hand or others, I’m a restricted rebel.


  1. I am so there with you. While I may not have been involved in as many activities, I did find myself shunning being smart, talented in a few things, accelerated in school... blah, blah, blah.

    I, too, wished to break free, but only to contain myself so as not to get into TOO much trouble.

    Good piece! Welcome to S30P.

  2. Followed you from Studio30+...I really like how you wrapped up your post about independence with a word on restraint. I think it's almost a truism: being without restraint is how we get our liberties and independence take from us. Nice!