Wednesday, April 11, 2012

{ J } is for { J }ust Say No

I’m not saying I have a drinking problem, but others might. One thing I’ve never had a problem with though, is drugs.  I’ve never been interested in screwing with my mind that way. I tried pot approximately 3 times in high school and hated it. I hated feeling slow. I hated feeling like I was floating. It was just awful. I’ve never done it since and I’ve never tried anything else either. All of my friends know this, but they still occasionally offer. Usually in a setting where other’s want to smoke up and it’s polite. Perhaps, hypocritically, I get a little annoyed when someone pipes up before I have a chance to decline when something like, “Oh don’t bother, she doesn’t smoke.” Like, I’m not cool enough to be in their little druggie club. When did drugs become cool?

I don’t have a problem with people having a little recreational fun. But there’s seems to be a two way street concerning Judgment.  Either you don’t do drugs and you judge those that do as making poor life choices. Or you do drugs and you judge those that don’t as being some kind of prude to experimentation.

Come on now. I’m all for a little experimentation, but I happen to use my brain on a daily basis and I don’t need to be fucking with my neurons any more than they’ve already been fucked with. Let’s face it, my biology is a little wacky to begin with and I don’t need to be tempting fate in ways that I have no control over.

Reason #2 that I don’t smoke. The smell of it makes me physically nauseous. It turns my stomach.

I hate that because I do say ‘No’ to drugs that it seems to make people uncomfortable around me too. Like I might narc on them. None of my friends are hardcore into drugs, they just smoke some weed now and again. I seriously don’t see what the big deal is. Who cares? If the government would just legalize that shit they could start regulating it and making a little profit by having one more thing to tax.
Anyways. You have your joint, I’ll have my beer. Can’t be all just get along without the judgment?


  1. Smoking cannabis a few times... will make you feel floaty. That goes away, and you get nothing but a calming feeling. Been toking for 15 years. If you take a week off, that floaty high will return, only for a short time.

  2. I love your blog let's get that out of the way
    but what i don't like about this post is that you don't qualify alcohol as drugs. It's still drugs only maybe it's more socially accepted and that's why most people use drugs and alcohol seperate from each other.

    1. Oh you're absolutely right. Alcohol is a drug. I guess I was referring more to illegal drugs. Alcohol is legal. I know marijuana is becoming legal in some states now, but in many it still is not.

    2. I used to do both but since I stopped I have been doing a lot better, that was about 10yrs ago. What does your therapist say in regards to your drinking? Do they recommend u stop?

  3. My wife smokes pot and she says it calms her from panic attack Lille Klonipin.
    My sister, a Dr says it is just making her worse. I have been ssepared for 7 months. I HAD to
    Go to save myself. I have GAD and now on 150 mg of Zolofr and 10 Mg of Buspar. So
    You see, I have my own problems

  4. The plant has been stigmatized by an extensive propaganda campaign over the years, it is built it to the culture that it is evil and will ruin your life while alcohol with its deleterious health effects and social consequences, tells people through advertisements that if you drink it you will get hot women and look good on the beach!

    A little knowledge about the Endo-Cannabinoid system of the human body never hurts ;)