Sunday, April 8, 2012

F is for Fantasy

Every night I lay me down to sleep in hopes that my subconscious will create for me a world beyond the realm of imagination. In dreams I live a new life. A different life. A better life. A tragic life. An exciting life. A life of Fantasy and Fun that I could never come up with in my waking hours.
I live to escape the world I live in everyday. The dull and the daily have so little hold over me. I love to lose myself in a fantasy. Movies, books, and intriguing television show. It’s all a form of escapism that frees my mind from the mundane. But even those are nothing like living in dreams.
I face monsters in my sleep. Vampires and zombies, ex boyfriends, ex friends, terrifying situations being chased through nightmare dreamscapes…. And sometimes the monster is me. Something I must face in myself. Fight and Free myself from the chains I have holding me back in my waking world.
Other times my world is an adventure, wild and fulfilling. Flying through clouds, maneuvering through worlds that never existed, meeting creatures that bring joy, laughter and light into a life that has been oppressed by the chore of working 9-5p.
Faces from my past and present meet and interplay one on top of another. New situations I never hoped to have mingle with experiences I’ve shared with people that weren’t worthy of the brightness I wished to show them. In my dreams I can re-envision how I would like the story to play out. How I’d like my happily ever after to present.
In my dreams I am Free. I don’t always know what will happen. But I know that I will Feel every instant of it and when my eyes Finally open, I will have a new perspective on things I hope to never Forget.   


  1. I feel ya, only with me the escapism is in my daydreams. So much better than my reality. Yet, so unreal. Alas.

    I've come to love sleep, though it's not because I enjoy my dreams. In fact, I frequently have bad dreams, but if I awake in the middle of one, I still want to get back to sleep, right away. A bit disturbing, really, that I prefer even my bad dreams to my reality.

  2. I feel the same, my dreams are exciting, filled with people I don't know and interesting situations. Occasionally there will be a long lost love in there and I can feel my happiness to be with that person. Those dreams are the hardest to wake up from, they haunt me for hours, sometimes the entire day. All I want to do is to go back to sleep, where they are waiting for me, but I can never seem to get back to them.
    Last year my cat died, he was my best friend and I honestly think that I loved him more fiercely than I've ever loved before. Sometimes he is in my dreams and waking up is excruciating, feeling tears of joy on my face and having his image fresh and the feeling of being with him suddenly ripped away from me. Sometimes I'll be lost for days after those dreams.
    I love sleep.