Monday, August 1, 2011

Geekery x10

It's done. One of them at least. Ok, maybe it's not totally done. I still need to add some acrylic highlighting to really give it some depth but my first light saber.... is complete. It's fully functional. The blades are 36" poly-carbonate tubing. It's equipped with a red (obviously) LED.  I've never worked with sculpting epoxy before and thus it is a little rough, but you can see what I was going for. A very natural, twisted, almost alive kind of organic saber hilt. The next one will be better: remember I wield dual shoto so I must have another.....


  1. Very well done, Sith. Where do you put the batteries? Or, is that a secret, in which only one from The Empire, would be privy to?

  2. Thank you =) The blade holder slides out the top so that all the electronics are removable and replaceable.